History writes itself; history rights itself. Profound, eh? Whether historian or genealogist or someone recalling a story of their youth, we often have different perspectives and different memories of the same events. A lot of information on this site is based on the memories of individuals who grew up in or around Morewood, Ontario, Canada.

A number of visitors have questioned where the name Morewood comes from. The town’s name was selected from a list of English town names that were given to the postmaster from the government.

Morewood.net is a privately run site which endeavours to provide free access to social, local, and genealogical researchers. It is a place to share the history behind the names we encounter while studying our roots. All material on this site is free to re-use for personal use. External sites that we link to (or that link to us) are not necessarily endorsed by Morewood.net and are provided as either a reference or a potential resource for your further investigation.

Readers have added to some of the Morewood-based stories; provided missing names from pictures or corrected the list of names in a family. I thank each of those who take the time to ‘right the history’ where the site just ‘writes the history’.

Our Remembrance Day section now has links to all of the WWI attestation papers for the names on the Morewood cenotaph thanks to the diligent efforts at the National Archives as well as all the burial locations due to the tremendous effort at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Our photograph database contains 558 photographs with 1552 records of associated data searchable by Surname or Town (Photographs are provided for numerous towns well beyond Morewood, extending as far as the British Columbia town of Nakusp).

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