Community Life

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a well-remembered (possibly slightly embellished) anecdote can provide the reader with the means to travel back in time and experience a first hand viewpoint. Images or even some history textbooks leave the reader without the sense of nostalgia that they can gain from a more personal perspective. Looking at historical artifacts or reading about significant events in history doesn’t provide a person with the full view.

The Morewood Collection of Memories that follow should present the reader with a view of life in any small Canadian town. Memories, anecdotes, life’s experiences My favourite story from James Arnot MacGregor:

Cowboys & Wild Horses
Jump on the Bandwagon: The Morewood Band
Morewood’s Oldest Citizen: 1938
Dating, circa 1900
Kids at Play, circa 1900
Mischief, circa 1900
Fraternity Organizations
The Chicken and the Egg (Really, it’s the hen and the horse)