Morewood Schools

Some early School Board records are now available!

The minutes of a Council Meeting on 18 January 1873 to establish a new High School in Chesterville.


The Text of the Petition for a new High School


The Text of a Contract for a Male teacher in 1868.


The Text of a Contract for a Female teacher in 1869.


A list of Teachers 1860-1887 compiled from School Board financial records.


Some sample photographs

There are quite a few photographs of schools and school children NEW: 9th School Section – Kids from 1916 1891 School , 1897 School , High School, Public School, School Kids, Kids from Ninth School The oldest school in Morewood (no pictures available) was the log school at the corner of St. Lawrence (Moffat) and Main (Morewood Rd) roughly where the garage is now. A young Ester Agnes FRASER (eventually Mrs. MACGREGOR of the MacGregor General Store) had attended that school. It was possibly built around 1855 and closed in 1880, but wasn’t demolished until the garage was built in the later part of 1900’s. (so some pictures must be around) In about 1880 the next school was built behind the Hunter General Store. A brick house was built on this property after the school was closed. Following attendance at the various local schools, students moved on to a number of schools outside of the immediate area: Normal College (Some grad photographs are available for 1906-1908) Morrisburg Continuation School