Kingston Queen’s University Reverend John M. KELLOCKS, the local Presbyterian minister had married a Winchester Primary School Teacher – Miss Jennie KENNEDY in 1896.

The Three Room Public School by Arnot MACGREGOR

The two rooms where primary and junior classes were taught were made of brick, while the third and largest room was a frame structure. I do not know the exact date this school was built but know that the log school was built in 1855. I started in the primary with Annie BECKSTEAD as my teacher, then had Mabel WINGARD in the junior room. During most of my years in the first two rooms, the teacher of the senior room and principal was Charles STEWART who was born in Felton, Ontario and a boyhood friend of my Father. John SHAVER, son of Roland took over the senior room from Charlie STEWART by the time I had reached senior status. He taught fourth book classes, besides a few subjects for those who had passed entrance examination to High School. It was under his supervision that the pupils deserted the old three room school and moved further north on Russell street in the year 1898 to a modern four room brick building. The following year, Mr. Thomas STEWART purchased the old brick three room school and demolished the brick section, and in its place built a fine new brick house. After living in it for a few years he moved to a small house near the marsh on the highway between Morewood and Chesterville. His brother Joseph STEWART lived in the house a few years before it was sold to William SWERDFEGER. Before the brick section of the three room school was torn apart, the frame structure of the third room was moved to the south west corner of the old school year and there remodeled and enlarged into a house in which teacher Horatio LOUCKS lived. Mr. LOUCKS followed John SHAVER when the latter gave up teaching to attend Queens University from which he graduated with degrees in Arts and Theology, and later proved to be an outstanding Presbyterian and United Church Minister.

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The MODERN Four Room High School built in 1898

When this four room, two storey brick school was first opened in 1898, it was publicised as being the most modern school building in the country. These are some of the new features connected with the school: 1. The building was erected on acreage large enough to provide two playing fields; one for girls and one for boys. 2. Trees and Shrubs were liberally scattered around the grounds, along with flower beds interestingly arranged. 3. The building was heated by the first central heating in the area, being provided by the installation of a large wood burning furnace in the basement under two of the rooms that made the school comfortable in the coldest winter weather. 4. The basement was large enough to accommodate beside the furnace, a play room used during inclement weather. 5. The pupil’s desks were all new single ones. 6. The former wooden blackboards were replaced by smooth slate ones. 7. The window blinds were all of the new spring roller type. 8. The floors were all hard wood, polished oak. 9. There were two entrances; one for the girls and one for the boys. These led into two separate halls, then up two sets of stairs to the second floor. 10. While the toilets were out of doors, they were separate for boys and girls.