Cowboys & Wild Horses

“A visit to the trophy room [in the MACKAY home], off the large harness room should have convinced any stranger that the MACKAY family had long been keenly interested in all types of horses. A careful examination would show it extended back to the days when much of the country was still in bush and did not wane, even after wild broncos came into the picture. Hanging around the walls of the trophy room were ribbons, badges and plaques arranged in rows, while in a small glass cabinet stored the important coveted cups won.”

“William MACKAY was well known and always welcomed at all the local fall fairs and horse exhibitions for he was rated high on all points of show: horse, vehicle, driver, and accoutrements yearly registered in the carriage class. His trotters were known on many tracks and on more than one occasion he was able to bring home from the famous Central Canada Exhibition in the Capital City of Ottawa, trophies and prize money in both the Carriage class and for one of his Trotters.”

“Two saddle horses were always in the stable: One for himself, and one for his daughter Florence who frequently rode on the farm with him. Saddle horses were seldom if ever shown at an exhibition. In one box stall a well bred stallion was likely to be found, thus enabling Mr. MACKAY to breed his own stock. At times such a stallion would also travel into the country for breeding purposes.”

There are no photographs of these events at present.