The Fraternal Societies and Other Gathering Places

The Fraternal Societies and Other Gathering Places According to Arnot MACGREGOR, the village had six places of varied size at which the public could gather and they were called halls. The Canadian Order of Foresters The Canadian order of Forester’s Hall had later became the Presbyterian Hall [This building still stands as the Senior’s Hall on Mill Street]. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows’ Hall This Hall was located on Main Street (Morewood Road)[Not positively identified as the site of a present day Upholstery Business]. The IOOF provided the town’s band, complete with uniforms. The McQuarters Hall The Wesleyn Religious group had turned this previous store into a hall. (Building still exists as a private residence) The George F. Craig Hall/Orange Lodge #459 The Orange Lodge, later of Cannamore, used the second floor of the Harness Shop for their meetings. [Located above the Harness Shop on Russell Street] The Old Presbyterian Hall [Presbyterian Manse] The Stephenson Temperance Hall [Connected to the Temperance House]