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The hamlet doesn’t have an actual musuem, so this virtual museum was developed to preserve historical information that otherwise would have been damaged through frequent handling. It provides free worldwide access to personal histories and photographs, and a place for genealogists to discover the social history of early Canadian townsfolk

Morewood is a small village located south of Canada’s capital. Some early citizens took a great interest in capturing their schoolyears in photographs and short memoirs and they provide a rich visual history of the town of Morewood in its infancy. Surprisingly, Morewood had far more industries in those early years than it does today.

All the photographic images and historical anecdotes have been generously donated to the development of this site in the hope that it will spark an interest in new and young citizens of Morewood. 

This site expected to be permanently under construction since new material was expected to be added as it became available; however, in truth it has been more than a decade between updates and little new material has been added.

Interested in genealogy? Look through the many photographs and names of Morewood Townsfolk.There are numerous photographs that need identification as well (Search UNKNOWN on townsfolk page).