A 19TH Century Canadian Time Capsule


It is also evident that a young student was adept at basic Geography as shown in Grace’s ability to discus the many routes taken by explorers, and through demonstrating this knowledge by pointing out locations on her maps:
“Yes,” said Grace, producing her map, “here it (Bristol) is in the South West of England.”
…” the bay of St. Mary. Grace saw that it was on the North West of Nova Scotia.
“here it(St. John) is,” said Grace, “in New Brunswick.”
“last summer you (George)went to Lunenburg in the steamer, and you told me that LaHave was about nine miles from Lunenburg.”
“here is one part of North America called the United States.” “Grace found Cape Breton, and her mother told her to look on the southern coast for Louisburg.”
“All the girls in the world, Grace? Abyssinians, New-Zealanders, Tartars —” (And in North America) “… first there are the Esquimaux and Greenlanders; then there are the Patagonians and the Araucanians; the Knistenaux, the Ojibbeways, the Assineboins.”
“…the Indians of whom I am now telling you, were of the Abenaqui nation, whose chief seat was Norridgewoak, now Kennebec …”
“…to have so many different people in it (Nova Scotia). Indians, one kind;-French,two;- English,three;-Germans,four;-Irish and Scottish six; and Jessy says, her grandfather is a welshman.”“…You have omitted one…”
“…You meant the negroes, did you not, mamma?” Her knowledge of Geography is perhaps equivalent to today’s grade three level with a focus on the region in which the student lives and possessing basic map reading skills.

Poetry and Music

Miss Grove taught Music and Poetry especially toward the end of the book:
George was going to tell her, but his father called him to ride with him, and Grace went to practice her music lesson.
-Miss Susan sings a song at the picnic which was either written anonymously or by Miss Grove herself:
God gave the little wren, a place
Within the dark green wood,
where it might sit and sing to Him Who fills the Solitude.
God made the modest violet
In secret places dwell,
where it might send its perfume up
To Him it pleaseth well.
The tiny bird, the lowly flower,
Rebuke our mortal care;
He, from the feeblest human heart,
Accepts the feeblest prayer.