A 19TH Century Canadian Time Capsule

During the May-Day ceremony, the Queen is crowned to a song apparently written by Miss Grove…
The unworthy author is before you; said her uncle John…”
Two others bore a crown of flowers, which they placed on her head while all united singing the following verses, to the air of “God Save the Queen.”
Where, with amellowed light
The fresh green leaves are bright,
As emerald stone,
where the sweet May flower starts,
where the wild wood bird darts,
Queen of our willing hearts,
We place thy throne.
Ye spirits of the Spring,
Fresh from the mountains bring
Bright bud and flower;
Weave a rich diadem
Of leaf and branch and stem,
And with fair blossoms gem
Our festive bower.
Then, while the rose leaves press
The brow of loveliness,
Then be ye nigh!
Let your pale shadows pass
Quick o’er the rustling grass,
Glide gently by.
Brightly the brooklet flows,
Calmly the clouds repose,
Our queen to greet.
The woods breathe incense still,
And every running rill
Sends out its music thrill
So soft, so sweet.
Here, where the wild winds breathe
Our blossom crown, we wreathe,
Our garland green.
Here by the crystal stream,
where the still waters gleam
In the bright golden beam
We crown our Queen.