A 19TH Century Canadian Time Capsule

“…I know all about it’ said George, it was bad business, but the Acadians had the French to thank for it.”

A rather lengthy story of the dispersal of one family was given. A Frenchman named Rene Leblanc was said to have had 20 children and 150 grandchildren when the Acadians were dispersed.
This particular individual held a high office with the Acadians, but was loyal to the English.
While he was on business for the English, the Natives had captured him and sent him to a French fort where he was held prisoner for four years. They also pillaged his home.

After managing to acquire his release from imprisonment, he was seized along with the 417 other men in Minas by the English and sent away. Leblanc was only accompanied by his wife and his two youngest children and was sent to New York. He had ventured

to Philadelphia later where he found three other children. The remaining 15 children and 150 grandchildren were never found. While discussing the dispersal of 7000 Acadians, a side discussion ensues:
“…the impolitic expulsion of the Jews by Ferdinand…” “…so we compare small things with great.”
“…it was not a good kind of peace when one was liable to be scalped.”

It didn’t seem to matter to Little Grace whether the French or English controlled the country:

“I should not like to wake up in a morning, and not know whether I was French or English.”