A 19TH Century Canadian Time Capsule


These should all be purely ficticious, however one never knows with Miss Grove’s tendancy to use real events and real names

Grace Severn- 8 year old girl, main character
George Severn- her older brother
George Severn Esquire – Grace’s father
Mrs. Severn – Grace’s mother
Anne Neville – Lady from the Steamer (English)
Uncle John (Grace’s uncle)
John (Miss Martha’s servant)
Nurse (not named)
Miss Martha (chaperone at Pic-nic/ Jessy calls her aunt)
Miss Susan (Martha’s sister)
Jessy, Isabel, Ellen, Sophy – Grace’s

friends(Jessy and Grace were the youngest of all the picnickers)
Miss Martha’s servant John
Little Miss Mooney (one of the 12 girls at the picnic)
Jane (another picnicker)