A 19TH Century Canadian Time Capsule

Historical People and Places mentioned in text:

People: Baron Castine (commanded Natives)
Biencourt (French/ Son of Pontrincourt)
Claude de La Tour (French protestant/married English Queen’s maid of honor)
Captain Argall
Charles Etienne La Tour (Claude’s son/French)
Colonel Church Colonel Monckton
Colonel Winslow
Daubre //priest accompanied DeMonts
DeMonts (French)
Duke D’Anville – Ill-fated French Admiral- died on arrival at Nova Scotia.
Du Vivier (French Commander took Canseau in 1744, failed to take Annapolis)
Earl of Halifax
Father Beart // Jesuit Priest
General Wolfe
Governor Cornwallis
Governor Lawrence (Nova Scotia) Governor Shirley (Massachusetts – offered 100 pound reward for scalps of Native males/50 pound for women and children)
John & Sebastian Cabot (English)
King George II (England)
King James First (England)
King Henry 7th (England)

King Henry (France)
King Louis XIII (France)
Lord Loudon (Governor of Massachusetts)
Madame de Goucherville // sent more priests to convert the savages
Major Lawrence
Mambertou – (Native / christened Henry)’The Sachem’
Monsieur Saussaye captained Madame de Goucherville’s priests to Acadia
Pontrincourt (French)
Queen Anne (England)
Queen Elizabeth (England)
Queen Victoria (England)
Sir William Alexander
Sir Humphry Gilbert (English)
Sir John Gilbert (brother to Humphry/ English)
Sir Oliver Cromwell //Protector of England//
Sir Thomas Temple