Play circa 1900

The Late James Arnot MACGREGOR also wrote “What days, what memories, yet as they are pulled back into sharp focus bring sadness, when I realize that I am the only one of that score or more of diggers, still alive to tell the story.”

[Having written down his story, Mr. MACGREGOR has ensured that the remarkable stories of Early Morewood aren’t forgotten]

Run Sheep, Run

Since the Swerdfeger farm was at the edge of the village the children used to come over in the summer evenings to play “Run Sheep Run” with Eva and Carmen. They would divide into two teams with each team appointing a captain. One team would hide around the farm with the captain knowing where everyone on his team was hidden . The other team would go hunting for their friends and the captain would tell them if they were getting hot or cold. He would also watch and tell his team members to Run Sheep Run if it was safe for them to get to home safely.

These were the families who used to gather at the Swerdfeger farm.

  • Loucks children-Blanch, Dora, Alta
  • Loughridge children-Wesley, Hilda, Charlie
  • Martin children- Anne, Jean
  • Allison children- Louva, Harold.
  • Marcelleus child Lorne.